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Hydration Tips for Mothers

Understanding the Importance of Hydration

Optimal hydration plays a vital role during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Maintaining proper hydration ensures that our bodies can perform essential functions and leaves us feeling more energized, which is especially crucial for parents. When you are breastfeeding, staying hydrated is equally important, as breast milk consists of more than 80% water, meaning a significant portion of your water intake is redirected towards milk production. Additionally, the process of producing breast milk itself requires adequate water intake. Aim to consume at least 3 litres of water daily, increasing your intake during and after exercise or if you reside in a warm climate.

Choosing the Ideal Bottle for Busy Moms

I recommend having a Bink Mama Bottle at each breastfeeding station in your home. The straw cap offers incredible convenience, allowing you to sip with one hand while breastfeeding, carrying your little one, or when they are napping on you. The option of a capped lid is excellent for when you are on the move with your child. The Bink Mama Bottle features a handy guide to help you track your daily water needs accurately. Bink suggests three refills during pregnancy and four refills during the postpartum recovery and breastfeeding period, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Enhancing Nutritional Intake Through Hydration

Sipping on bone broth or nourishing herbal teas like nettle and chamomile during breastfeeding can contribute to your nourishment and hydration. The Bink Mama Bottle is crafted from glass with a thick silicon protective layer, making it perfect for storing herbal teas. It’s important to use glass vessels for herbal teas instead of metal, as metals can interfere with the delicate herbal properties. Just be careful to not add boiling water directly into the glass bottle, or use freezing cold liquids that can cause the glass temperature to change too suddenly. 

For Those Struggling to Meet Daily Hydration Goals

If you find it challenging to maintain regular water intake, consider flavouring your water with an electrolyte powder. I highly recommend products like Hydramama (use code JWP10 for 10% off), LMNT, and Franjos Kitchen Motherhood Hydration Powder. Additionally, remember that watery fruits, vegetables, and soups also count towards your daily water intake.

Bink Mama Bottles can be found at Rhino Rhino stockists, please contact sales@rhinorhino.com.au for your nearest location.

Joelleen Winduss Paye

IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Registered Endorsed Midwife, Naturopath & Educator est.2021



This knowledge is general in nature and from Joelleen’s experience as an expert IBCLC Lactation Consultant. This information does not constitute as advice, nor does it replace the advice given by an expert health professional in the confines of a consultation. This content is purely educational to support parents seeking clarity around their newborn and also helps the reader to decide if Joelleen is the right IBCLC Lactation Consultant for them.