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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of issues can you help with?

As an IBCLC Lactation Consultant (Midwife & Naturopath), I can offer holistic support to common breastfeeding/feeding challenges such as;

Addressing causes of nipple pain

Weaning from a tiple-feeding plan (breast, bottle, pumping)

Supporting confidence in your breastfeeding technique (latching)

Increasing milk supply through diet and galactagogues (substances that can increase milk production)

Managing a fast flow or fast letdown

Strategies to reduce fussing at the breast

Strategies to reduce breast refusal

Integrating bottle feeding / bottle refusal

Introducing a breast pump

Helping you to recognise your baby’s cues and age-appropriate play advice

I use a holistic approach, assessing your breastfeeding technique, your baby’s developmental stage and needs, and use my naturopathy knowledge to enhance your physical and mental well-being. My expertise is best utilised within the first 16 weeks of your breastfeeding and feeding journey.

See the Services & Pricing for more information on Joelleen’s offerings.

What can I expect during a consultation?

During your first consultation, we will review your feeding journey and medical history to allow me to have a deeper understanding of where you and your baby are at. We will also discuss your goals and realities.

As a Lactation Consultant, I will review the health of your nipples, breasts and breastfeeding technique, including all of the furniture and equipment you are using. If you are expressing I can also review your pump to ensure everything is comfortable and efficient. I also offer support to parents who are bottle feeding.

As a Naturopath, I also discuss your diet (including any supplements and herbs) so we can support postpartum wellness. I am also able to provide specific recommendations for optimal nutritional content and supply of your breastmilk. JWP clients enjoy 10% off RRP through Vital.ly

I also give support with settling, sleep, supporting digestion, and age-appropriate play. I find many mothers and families find this aspect of the consultation very helpful. We will discuss upcoming development milestones and what to expect beyond our consultation support window.

There is also time for any feeding-related and general baby questions to be asked.

After the consultation you will receive a PDF holistic breastfeeding/feeding guide (so you don’t have to take notes when I am present), with a curated list of resources & recommendations based on the needs of you and your baby. You will also receive five business days of WhatsApp* support to assist you with the guide and work through any adjustments that may need to be made.

The Package fee also includes an in-home or virtual follow-up appointment. The initial fee is structured this way as clients get the best results when there is at least one follow-up appointment. The follow-up consultation is to be booked between 1-6 weeks after the initial consultation.

*WhatsApp support is for package consultations only. Clinic and one-off consultations will not receive WhatsApp access.

How far do you travel for in-home visits?

I travel within 12 km of Brunswick East free of charge.

In-home appointments greater than 12 km from Brunswick East 3057 VIC will incur a $60.00 AUD travel time fee in addition to the consultation fee. Travel surcharge must be added on at the time of booking. If the surcharge is not added at booking, you will be invoiced the travel fee and payment is required prior to the appointment.

Clients who do not wish to pay the travel surcharge can book a clinic or virtual appointment with Joelleen.

Clients who live further than 15kms from Brunswick East are advised to email Joelleen prior to booking online at hello@jwp.care

How to prepare for a clinic consultation?

Please allow extra time for parking. If you are running late please know your appointment will still need to finish at its original end time.

Bring your baby, ideally ready to have a feed.
Bring your baby’s green book.
Bring any feeding equipment you usually use i.e. nipple shields, bottles, pumps, expressed breast milk, formula milk etc.
Bring in your baby bag; spare baby clothes, nappies, wipes, a travel change mat, burp cloths etc.
It can be helpful to prepare any questions for Joelleen ahead of time.

How to prepare for a face to face consultation?

When you book online, you will be sent an online intake form to complete prior to your appointment. The more information you can provide prior to our appointment leaves us more time to work on your core issues and create a plan for your goals.

If you have any questions for me, be sure to write them down so I can answer them while I am with you, or send you information after the consultation.

If you are taking medications or supplements, have them handy so I can review the ingredients.

Have your baby with you (ideally ready to feed). And any other feeding equipment you may be using so this can be reviewed. If your baby’s feed time doesn’t align with the appointment time, you can give your baby a smaller feed prior to the appointment so that they will still feed when I arrive.

Book an in-home appointment here.

How do I prepare for a virtual consultation?

If possible I recommend having two devices signed in to the private call through the secure platform Google Meets. You will need a Google account if you don’t already have one.

Having a laptop and a mobile device can help with viewing angles needed for assessing and guiding your breastfeeding/feeding technique.
A support person is able to help with camera angles and provide you with an extra set of eyes, ears and hands.

Ensure your device/s are fully charged.

Have a list of questions/ points to discuss handy as time can go fast and it is easy to get distracted or forget. Have your baby with you (ideally ready to feed). And any other feeding equipment you may be using so this can be reviewed.

If you have other children, ideally have a carer for them if required, or some kind of entertainment to help keep them occupied during the consultation.

Book a virtual appointment here.

Can I get a Medicare rebate?

As of December 2022, I now have a Medicare Provider Number.

Depending on your eligibility, you may be entitled to a rebate for my services if you book within your baby’s first six weeks of life.

If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate please request an additional paid invoice that Joelleen can supply.

Do you offer Private Health Insurance rebates?

Yes! If you have private health insurance you may be eligible for a rebate depending on your level of cover. It is best to contact your provider directly to see if Lactation Consultant or Midwife services are covered.

If you purchase the In-home or virtual package I am able to invoice you separately for each visit to maximise your claiming ability.

A select few funds may offer a rebate on a breast pump as this is a medical device/equipment. If this is the case, I am able to provide you with evidence of this being required in your care plan.

Currently, I have provider numbers with the following funds:

Defence Health Fund
GU Health
Medibank Private
Nurses & Midwives Health
Teachers Health Fund

If your fund is not listed, please contact them about a possible rebate for midwifery or lactation services. Naturopathy rebates are not currently offered in Australia.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

I have been working with new mothers for over a decade as a Midwife in New Zealand and Australia, and have started my holistic private practice in 2021 servicing inner-city suburbs in Melbourne, Naarm. Lactation Consultancy was an organic step for me, as I have spent so much of my time as a midwife teaching mothers how to breastfeed comfortably and supporting parents to understand their baby’s cues.

During my time as a Midwife, I also added Naturopathy to my repertoire, as I have a passion for healthy living and supporting others to do the same. I believe in nurturing the mother so that she has a full cup in order to meet the demands of motherhood.

I love to learn, hence my long list of qualifications, and enjoy passing this information on to the families I support.

See more about me here

What does your package include?

I have designed this unique support package based on my vast experience working with new parents, and mothers with newborn babies. My package extends for a six week period, with one home visit (followed by a virtual consultation) and one week of WhatsApp support after each visit. I find many questions arise throughout the six weeks as newborns change so much during this time. Many of my clients find the follow-up support very helpful and often refer back to the detailed plan I provide time after time.

As a naturopath I make nutritional recommendations tailored to your unique situation (based on your current diet/preferences) and can prescribe nutritional foods, herbs and supplements to support your postpartum needs.

My virtual package includes two virtual appointments via my secure telehealth platform and all the options included in the In-Home package. See the booking page for more details.

What does IBCLC mean?

IBCLC is an acronym for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and is the official international credential for a Lactation Consultant.

When you are looking for a Lactation Consultant, make sure they have this qualification beside their name to ensure you are booking with a professional who is regulated by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. 

My IBCLC credential number is L-147385.

Do you belong to any professional associations?

Yes, I am a member of the following;

[ANTA] Australian Natural Therapist Association — 21025

[ANMF] Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation — 460279

[LCANZ] Lactation Consultants Australia & New Zealand — 1005


ABN 84 399 206 866