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Preparing For Breastfeeding Workshop REPLAY

A 1.5 hour online breastfeeding workshop that will give you the confidence and knowledge you need for your breastfeeding journey!

Joelleen will guide you through;

The evidence-based breastfeeding technique she teaches all of her clients

The best breastfeeding positions for your unique body and your baby

How to care for sore nipples, engorgement and mastitis

Troubleshooting common breastfeeding challenges

What to expect during your hospital stay

What your newborn needs in the early days/weeks

Optimal holistic nutrition for a healthy postpartum and milk supply

What breast pump, pillows & bottles to buy + more, with exclusive discount codes

Includes the Preparing For Breastfeeding Workbook PDF

*UPDATED* Preparing for Breastfeeding eGuide

50+ Page PDF guide to support your breastfeeding journey

Feel confident by preparing for breastfeeding ahead of time

JWPs specific technique for comfortable breastfeeding positions for your unique body and baby

Knowing what to do if breastfeeding isn't coming naturally

Antenatal hand expressing: benefits & how to

JWPs top advice on nipple and breast care

Learn how to know if your baby is feeding and sleeping normally

Navigate your hospital stay to reduce interventions that may derail your breastfeeding goals

Bottle feeding "must knows"

Postpartum planning, nutrition, recipes & realistic self-care advice for mothers

Recommended Books, Podcasts, Blogs + other resources

Shopping List, Hospital Bag Guide & Discount codes

*NEW* Complete Sore Nipple Care eGuide

Learn what nipple care is best for you and how to use it

JWP's top tips for breastfeeding techniques to reduce nipple pain from occurring/reoccurring

What to do when you have sore nipples including using a nipple shield and expressing your milk

Pumping recommendations & tips

Exclusive discount codes

Instant download 25 paged PDF